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LG continues to impress us with each new release, along with the upcoming LG G5 Series will keep up the tendency. We have been seeing numerous flows that the brand new notion of one of the best-selling smartphone lines will soon become apparent as the newest LG smartphone will build upon the notion of the G4. Over the years, LG has shown us that they really can give us what we would like, and more importantly what we anticipate. With the upcoming LG G5 release, there is no reason the same wouldn't happen.

As is usual throughout this site, we continue to break down every facet of the upcoming LG G5 concept. We will bring you the very latest on all LG G5 Rumors, specs, features, release date, price, and all there is to know on the new notion. See for your why the expected 2016 release is going to be among the best, and the numerous reasons why we bring you the most in-depth LG G5 Updates.

LG G5 Series: Rumors

Despite the reality that we are still over a year to really go until the LG G5 official statement, the expectations are already starting to heat up. The LG name tells a lot, but what tells more is the astounding creative innovations that's been seen in each new LG smartphone.

The latest LG G5 Rumors points to the inevitable release in March of 2016.

Almost every part of the LG G5 will experience an upgrade including the security, memory, durability, ability, speed, and so much more. There is also many rumors surrounding some new and distinctive features, but as of this time there's minimal advice regarding what. We've been hearing reports that the LG G5 concept will sport wireless charging technology, bigger screen, 4K display, 20 MP camera, 3D camera, retina eye scanner, an octa-core central processing unit, and much more.

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Additionally, there are many LG G5 rumors that imply there will be a tremendous focus on the interface with LG smartwatches. With much of life turning to advantage based on cellular technology, the demand for Android smartwatches is expected to grow substantially.

While much of this is only conjecture, we're looking at some enormous changes with the coming LG G5 specs. As LG looks to continue being an industry mobile leader, improving on among the top smartphone theories is a sure thing.

Both cameras are going to have more megapixels and the time for 3D smartphone cameras may eventually be here. We've been hearing of 3d camera technology for the last couple of years, but until now there have been no authoritative reports that it would be featured in just about any smartphone. Hopefully, the LG G5 camera will have 3d camera technology as this will completely compliment the 20 MP rear camera and also the 5 MP front camera.

As we get closer to the release, we are expecting the Rumors to only increase. You can anticipate that all Rumors and confirmations will probably be looked at in detail including all LG G5 specifications.

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LG G5 special features

The new and unique LG G5 attributes that were rumored are what we're fully expecting to become fan favorites. While LG has yet to affirm any of the following, we've been privy to numerous flows. We have heard about the anticipated integration of wireless charging technology, retina eye scan technology, 6 launching day color options, and an almost never-ending flow of memory options. Many of the rumors point to the official statement on the LG G5 coming during the first week in March 2016. LG has been quite consistent over the years with announcing their objectives including presales and also the official LG G5 release date.

If the release dates remain the same, LG G5 presales should start in the exact same markets about two weeks before the official release date.

LG G5 Concept and Rumors

While most folks are looking forward to the upcoming LG G4, a lot of people are looking even farther towards the LG G5. The brand new theory seems fairly amazing as most people would expect nothing less from one of the industry leaders.

As the LG G5 notion looks to bring many matters that have made the series so popular such as the amazing visuals, blazing fast processors, top quality camera, and exceptional features. LG looks to further integrate the LG G5 with other LG peripherals like tablets, smartphones, and even LG TV's.

Wrapping up the LG G5 Rumors, Specs, Features, Release Date, Price, Concept, and Much More Preview

It is amazing us to see just how enormous the expectations of a smartphone may be quite so enormous when we're still over a year away.

The LG G5 specs, features, price, theory and all there's to know will simply be found in this in-depth preview. Stay tuned for additional information or don't hesitate to follow us on Facebook to get all the latest updates on the approaching LG G5 smartphone.

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